WIU Hoof N’ Horn Livestock Shows

Everyone always says “be involved with as much as you can when you go to college”. Being a transfer student meant I had to come into a class that has been together for two years already. Hoof N’ Horn was a huge club for me to be able to be apart of to meet people with the same interest. Coming from a livestock background what better club to be involved in, one of the main topics that has drawn me to this club is being able to be involved in hosting multiple livestock shows throughout this spring. Students here at Western Illinois University will be planning, and running the cattle, pig, and sheep shows from start to finish.


The cattle show was hosted on Saturday, March 26, at the Warren County fairgrounds. It was a cool, rainy day but that sure does not stop people from coming out and showing their cattle. We had an incredible number come to the show with a total of 192 head. The heifer show was larger than the steer show, but that doesn’t take anything away from the amount of quality that came within both. The show started with showmanship which was judged by Dylan Sigrist, which then lead into the heifer show, then followed by steers, which were both judged by Todd Herman.  There were multiple breeds such as Angus, Charolais, Chianina, Hereford, Maintainer, Shorthorn, Simmental, Commercial and AOB. Overall the show went fantastic and had tons of positive feedback.

HH cattlePigs

The pig show is Saturday, May 6, at the Illinois State Fair Grounds in Springfield. Showmanship will be judged by Heath Harper, barrows will be judged by Jared Boyert, and lastly gilts will be judged by Kyle Pullen. All three of these men are WIU Ag Alumni. We are very excited for the show time to be here this year as it is the kickoff to the year being the first show of Illinois Club Pig Association (ICPA). We look forward to having approximately 350 head of hogs combined between barrows and gilts. The shows are completely ran by students starting at the check ins, they then are ring help throughout the whole day. Other booths students are in charge of is the food stand and apparel table that we sell a variety of different items.

pigs .jpg

Sheep and Goats 

The sheep and goat show is Saturday, May 20. This is the second annual sheep show that Western has put on, and the first ever goat show. The show will be hosted at the WIU Livestock Center in Macomb, Illinois. We will be hosting two rings that will be judged by different people. Show 1 will be both sheep and goats, that will be judged by Glen Martin, then following will be show 2 that will be just sheep, which will be judged by Tyler Pierson. We plan to have approximately 100 head attend. Last year we had sheep attend from four states. Adam Heffelfinger, chair of the sheep and goat show said “we had a great turn out last year and look forward to an even bigger and better one this year!”


Click here to access more on WIU livestock

Leatherneck Livestock – Link to Facebook page with most up to date information


My name is Courtney Scherer, I am a Junior at Western Illinois University with a major in Agricultural Business. I am from Monroeville, Indiana. While attending WIU, I have been part of the 2017 Livestock Judging Team and Hoof N’ Horn apparel chair person.


5 thoughts on “WIU Hoof N’ Horn Livestock Shows

  1. oliviaclaire9514

    The cattle show went so well with all the teamwork from the agriculture students who helped out with everything from check-in to apparel and everything between. Looking forward to a very successful sheep/goats and pig show to come!


  2. madisoncorzatt

    You did a great job explaining all of the work that students here at WIU put into these shows. Hoof N’ Horn is a great way to get involved.


  3. breckdebnam

    I agree, Hoof n Horn is a great way to get involved! Being someone who has attended cattle shows my entire life, I had never been on a committee to put one on until Western. This gave me a great amount of insight into how much work goes into organizing a show, and WIU does it at an elite level! Great read!


  4. Brandon Gruber

    i completely agree that the Hoof n Horn is a awesome organization that benefits many. The WIU cattle show is defiantly a jackpot show that everyone in the area with a show cattle interest looks forward to!


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