What “Prime Beef” means to me

When most people think of the term “prime beef,” they think of it as a juicy, tender, and flavorful cut of meat. To me, it means something very different.

Growing up in Monmouth, Illinois, and having parents who are involved in the community, I’ve had the chance to be a part of a festival that has given me memories to last a life time. This festival is called the Warren County Prime Beef Festival. In this blog, I will mention a few events of the fair that make me want to remember my definition of “prime beef.”

My “prime beef” definition begins with the Warren County Prime Beef Festival Princess Pageant. As a senior in high school, I had the chance to be in this pageant and let me tell you, it was one of the best experiences I’ve ever had. Getting to hangout with a large group of girls, some from another school, and making lifetime friends made it more important than just a competition to me. In those couple months of practices, I probably had more laughs then I’ve ever had in my life.
“Prime beef” means starting the week off at the hog and steer shows. At these events, young children have raised their animals to be shown in front of a judge. They are all out to see who has the best hog and steer. This is determined by body condition, weight, etc. They enter a ring with the others in their class where they have to look good while leading their creature around the ring. Although this can put a lot of stress on the children and parents, it’s an amazing event that gives the kids chances to meet new people and become more comfortable in crowds. I’ve seen some of the best friendships come out of the barn.

“Prime beef” to me means rushing out of school to get to the parade. Who doesn’t want candy, right? This parade is by far the best parade around (Although I didn’t think that when I was a baton twirler and had to walk the whole thing.) For this event, bands come from a variety of different schools and put in hard work to do a great performance. There is a contest that determines who the best band is. There’s advertisement for different companies, fire trucks, horses, baton twirlers, flag twirlers, veterans, floats, the pageant girls that I mentioned earlier, and much more! I also have to mention it’s a whole mile long!

“Prime beef” to me means ending the fair week with the best event, in my opinion, the races! There’s three different races that include the figure 8, the oval, and the demolition derby. Yes, cars crash into each other on purpose. Although this may seem different for some, it’s a pretty big deal around here. For some reason, people love the thought of mud slinging off the tires of the cars and flying into the bleachers. I am one of those people.

If you’ve never attended the WCPBF, I would recommend it. This festival takes place the first week of September in Monmouth, Illinois. There’s many other events I didn’t mention. For example, the chicken scramble, calf tagging, auctions, the fair rides, and much more. The whole week is filled with many events to keep everyone entertained! WCPBF has made many memories in my life and other’s lives as well. “Prime beef” is more than just a cut of meat to me.

For more information, you can visit http://www.primebeeffestival.com/.

My name is Emily Lovdahl and I am from Monmouth, Illinois. I am currently a senior at Western Illinois University and will graduate in may. My major is Ag Science with an Animal Science minor.



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