Buying More Than Just a Bull

What is the WIU Performance Tested Bull Sale?

This year will be the 45th production bull sale hosted by WIU. This sale provides commercial producers with an opportunity to look at high performing bulls. Producers from several different states bring their bulls to WIU in order to participate in the performance test. Thirty-one different producers supply WIU with several different breeds and types of bulls. The bulls are tested on feed efficiency, reproductive soundness, and growth to name a few. WIU provides a non-biased uniform setting for all bulls.

Monte Lowderman, alumni, auctioneer, and avid cattleman states his opinion and explanation of the bull sale, “I’m proud to say that I have been associated with the WIU Bull test for the past 31 years. I have personally seen this sale grow to become one of the well-respected performance bull tests within the Midwest.”

Why buy a bull from the WIU bull test?

You aren’t just buying a bull, you are also providing students with the opportunity to experience all aspects of running a production sale. Students are involved in almost all elements of the bull sale.

The moment that the bulls arrive at the WIU farm they are unloaded by WIU students and staff. From that moment on students are involved with every aspect of preparing the bulls for the sale. Students help with every day maintenance and feeding.

Students working the bull test booth at the Ag mech show. Photo by: Jana Knupp

Several animal science classes are involved with collecting data, helping prep, picture, video, and describe the bulls in order to create both a catalog and an online video catalog. Bulls on test must be weighed every 28 days and that weight must be recorded in order to obtain daily gain. Daily rate of gain is not the only measurable trait that WIU records. Students also help to measure frame scores, pelvic area, ribeye area, and intramuscular fat.

Another element that students are involved in is promoting and advertising the sale. For the first time this year students were in charge of a bull sale booth at the Ag Mech Show. For the display booth students had to design a banner, poster, and a slideshow presentation.

Students put in a lot of work before the sale, but the day of the sale numerous students show up to help the sale run smoothly. The day and night of the sale there is so much that has to be done. Students help bring bulls to and from the sale ring, work the sale ring, run sale tickets, and load bulls after the sale. Others are around to help answer any questions consignors or perspective buyers may have.

Photo taken by: DV Auctions

The bull sale is a great opportunity for consignor, buyers, and WIU students. Students are able to be involved with the bull sale in so many different ways. The bull sale provides them with real life experiences that could potentially help with future endeavors.

Interested in viewing or purchasing a bull?

Join us for the sale. Sale takes place on Friday March 10th, at 7 PM. Sale location is at the WIU Livestock Center 2265 Wigwam Hollow Road Macomb, IL.

 Click here to visit video catalog

Click here to view catalog

Not able to make it to Macomb on March 10th?

Click here to watch the sale live and for online bidding


My name is Madison Corzatt  and I am from Roseville, Illinois. I am a junior at Western Illinois University, and currently working towards a degree in Ag Business and a minor in Animal Science. I grew up on a commercial cattle and row crop farm, where my passion for agriculture developed.





5 thoughts on “Buying More Than Just a Bull

  1. willtaylor34

    Awesome job describing the essence of our bull sale! I’m incredibly excited to see how the sale will go and certainly know that through our meticulous production records and attention to quality we will be able to provide progressive cattleman with a profitable assets. My favorite lots were 32 and 37.


  2. I think that we had another very successful year at the bull sale this year! You did a great job describing how much goes into it and how much everyone takes out of it also! I hope to come back next year and be able to say the same thing!


  3. kelsbergman

    This was my first year at the bull sale and I thought it went well. My dad came and bought a bull from them, and says he will have to come back in a few years to get another from them. He was very satisfied and agrees that it is a good cause to support.


  4. maisielangholff

    Thank you so much for not just promoting our awesome university but also what we are all involved here! The bull test went amazing and I have heard lots of good feedback from it.


  5. maisielangholff

    Thank you so much for both promoting our WIU bull test and our great university. This is just one of the great things we are involved in here at WIU.


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