Putting Faith back in the Farmer

The time we are present in now is a turning point in what agriculture may look like and be talked about in the future.

It seems like anymore the farmer is quiet.  Scared of the unknown that some anti-agriculture foundation or group would turn their own words around, and put a bad image back on the farmer. Why must we in agriculture feel so silenced?  I can understand the many reasons.  I often ask myself, Why not? Why not stand up, and stand firm with what we say and believe in?  We know the facts, better than anyone else would, for most of us agriculture is in our blood, it’s been a part of our lives for long before we were around.

The worries of what the opposite side will say can no longer, prolong our silence.  I understand the stand point and the point of view of where we are at in agriculture. We don’t want people twisting positive things we say around.  We don’t like people snooping and try to take videos or pictures that may incriminate us our business or agriculture as a whole.  I purpose a simple solution be encouraging when confronted by others that oppose you. Communication should be at the top of our priorities, and with communicating well to others that may be on the fence could be that reason, to believe in agriculture again.

The general public in this country thinks that we are hiding behind our big operation. I ask you, to find ways to give some relative comparisons to those others that oppose you.  Relate to them on a level that they will understand.  We are growing our farmers, the same way many small businesses were to gro.  If we do not grow, we will not be in the industry for very much longer. We are standing up for our passion, love, life of some whom have been involved in agriculture for multiple generations

Creating Transparency

In my recent internship last summer, I had the opportunity to be involved with a large food corporation Tyson Foods Inc.   In my internship I had to build a presentation and brain storm about new ways and how to effectively communicate those modern agriculture practices.  This was a great question to answer, to think outside of the box to try and create transparency with in our industry.

The review of our presentation was based solely on hands on.  Encourage large corporations to open up more to the public.  Partnering up on the state and local level, to help fund small productions scales of those new modern agriculture practices we use today.  Start the education process of agriculture at a young age and promote this throughout all schools around the nation.  The public must understand the average farmer is feeding more people per acre than they ever did before and the number is continually rising.  With the demand rising, those involved in production must be the most productive, efficient yet still keeping safety of the animal and food at the top of their priorities.  Give the general public a look in the life of a modern farmer. In this blog, I simple just wanted to say that it is truly up to our generation as what agriculture may look like in the future.  We must continually think outside of the box to promote wider acquaintances in agriculture that will continually help create a broader and better outlook on our industry.

The writer

I am Matthew St. John form Rushville, Indiana I am a senior Ag-business major and Animal Science Minor. I did not grow up on a crop or stock farm. I started working for local farmers through I high school and from there I wanted to gain more knowledge for the industry and went to study at Black Hawk East College. Ive had the opportunity to work for with some diversity of backgrounds with in the Industry. I have always looked forward to learning new things and new industries. I have learned one thing that I believe, that we must always work to communicate and spread the word of the Industry, and continuing to find new ways to communicate an educate the general public on modern agriculture practices.




2 thoughts on “Putting Faith back in the Farmer

  1. martinnall

    I believe that the biggest barrier for farmers is not having the confidence to stand up for their practices. Many farmers would be more than happy to serve as educators to the public about their practices but they are unsure of how to do this. Biosecurity is another large barrier for farmers in regards to having many people on their farms. I think that this is a issue that can be solved with input from many different people and many new ideas.


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