Alpha Gamma Rho Receives an Update

The newly remodeled Formal Living Room and the Study Room that was added on.

Alpha Gamma Rho has been a fraternity at Western Illinois University since February of 1963. In 1964-65 academic school year they purchased the Horne Mansion, 1010 N Lafayette St. where the fraternity is located today, and in 1986 the house was added on to. The addition gave the house around a 43 man capacity. It has been many years since then, but a remodel at the Alpha Gamma Rho house was needed . Part of which was out of necessity and part was to modernize a few things along the way. The main push for this remodel was to get new sprinkler system installed by 2019 so the house would be up to code to living in. Since installing the sprinkler system would be hard to do without tearing out a lot of the walls and that a major update would be required in the near future the fraternity’s alumni board decided they should go ahead and do it all at once.

Picture is taken standing on the Till Floor (cafeteria) looking in to the Chapter Room

The project started about two years ago with the contacting of architects, getting plans drawn up, and of course fundraising.  They have achieved the bulk of the fundraising cam from alumni donations in the past year. Deciding that they had raised enough to get started,construction began in May of 2016 and ended in October of 2016. The majority of it only took three months and the members planning on living there were allowed to move in before the start of the fall semester, even though it was still under construction.

Besides the sprinkler system being installed there were many other changes made to the house. All the bathrooms were updated and a separate shower room was created on the first and second floor. Also all the carpet was replaced by laminate wood floors and the whole house received a fresh paint. They also extended the formal living room by adding a study room on to it and added a second story above that portion to serve as a bunk room for the chapter members that choose to sleep there. The chapter house is maintaining a 41 person capacity while offering nicer amenities to the members that live there.

Hallway from the First Floor looking into the Formal Living Room

This remodel is so nice and the quality of work is amazing. I keep hearing from many members and alumni that they cannot believe how fast the remodel went,start to finish was about 5 months, and how nice the house looks now. The undergraduate members and myself  would like to think everyone that helped in any way and donated to make our house one of the nicest on campus.


I am Nathan Dunlap, a senior at Western Illinois University from Carrollton Illinois. I am a member of Alpha Gamma Rho and have served on the executive board for two years. I have work with the Alumni Board who are heading this project and had the privilege to live in the house before, during, and after the remodel was completed. This is an incredible project and I can not believe the how fast they got it done.


2 thoughts on “Alpha Gamma Rho Receives an Update

  1. vogelert

    The house looks great! My own house of AGS is going to have to have some remodeling done to it in the year 2019 as the sprinkler system is going to be a must. Hopefully the niceness will last!


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