Just Understanding The Basics of Everyday

Everybody has their area of focus and anymore people only focus on their own area and anything out of that area, it is someone else’s responsibilities to deal with. It seems people have developed into keys instead of tools. What is meant by this is that people are focusing on skills to do one thing, just like a key, it unlocks a door or it may unlock lots of doors but the doors are all the same and lead to the same place. A tool has many application and can be used in a variety ways and on a variety of things. The one size fits all idea is great in theory but completely out of reach for any person, but a person that can look at a problem at a number of angles to solve it in an efficient and practical manner because of his or her wide-spread experience and diverse set of skills is going to be hunted out by employers. Mechanization and electricity are things that are used everyday and everybody should have a basic knowledge of how it works and how to recognize problems.

Photo Credit: WIU School of Agriculture Facebook

Why does a person need to know how this stuff works or how to work on something?

  1. Safety- Injuries are a part of life, but taking steps to limit injury is a step in the right direction. Taking the time to learn how things work can be crucial in avoiding injury.
  2. Cost Savings- Simple fixes can add up if one is always calling someone to work on something so being able to work on things by oneself can be very good asset. Also if one knows what the problem is or has an idea of what is going on with a problem the likely hood of over paying for unnecessary repairs or parts is reduced substantially.
  3. Future Application- Having this knowledge base of how things work and how to apply it can set one apart for a promotion or another job. The future is uncertain and these skills wills always be in demand.

I recommend that every student take an introduction to mechanics course to gain a set of skills that can be applied to everyday life. Almost every school offers a type of either mechanic class or a shop class. Start saving money, time, and stop frustrating situations by just understanding the basics.

My name is Kale Carlisle and I am a senior at WIU majoring in Ag Business and a minor in Ag Technology Management. I grew up in Carthage, IL on my family’s grain and hog farm and I have always had a passion for equipment and mechanics.


One thought on “Just Understanding The Basics of Everyday

  1. srush12

    I agree that every student should know the basics of mechanics to be successful. Even though today’s equipment is more technologically advanced, these are things that are important to know. great topic!


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