A Beautiful Day at Dearwester

What is the perfect career path for a young man that likes meeting great new people, driving to rural parts of the country and some good old fashion hard work?   Well Dearwester is the correct answer to that question and I am about to inform you all about it.


(Picture captured by Colby Hunt of local Stump the Turtle man Little)

Dearwester sells many different brands of feed to their customers.  They sell Purina, Kent, Umbargers, and their Own DGS. (Dearwester Grain Services) The feed they sell feeds all types of animals like cows, horses, goats, pigs, dogs, cats, rabbits, chickens and more. One thing I love about Dearwester is the small family run business it has everyone knows everyone and you know all your customers by name and they know you.  At Dearwester Grain the employees do whatever they can to help you get the right feed you need for what you want to do with your livestock.  The difference between going to the store and walking in looking at all the different types of feed and saying “wow there are so many options” and going to Dearwester is they will give you advice and also explain what each different type of feed will do for your animal, so you know you are giving them the right feed for what you plan on doing with your pet and/or livestock.  When you go to a local store that sells feed and you are looking from advice from one of the “feed specialists” they normally don’t have a clue what they are selling, they just know from reading what the bag says that it is for a certain type of animal. That is why I think you should buy all your feed from local Feed Services because of their knowledge on what they are selling and also too support your local family business that cares about you also.

My name is Dylan Hinman I am from Macomb IL. I was born and raised on a farm work in the feed industry and love everything about agriculture.



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