How college and an internship changed my career path


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sun setting on brown farms photo taken by Shannon Brown


Growing up I was told I could be anything I wanted when I became an adult. At first I want to be a veterinarian, because I loved animals, I wanted to work with horses because that was my passion. I thought I would work with some of the best horses in the world and I would own many, many horses. All that changed when I started college, my first semester I was at University of Kentucky with a pre-vet major. I was so homesick I just wanted to be back on our farm helping like I always did every fall and spring. Then it came time for my animal science lab, I passed out after they cut open a cow’s stomach. I knew then I needed to change my major when I changed schools.  I changed my major to agronomy, which is plant and soil science, and I fell in love with it. I knew that my major could help farmers, which is something I care a lot about. I have had three internships over the past few years that have helped me decide what I want to do with my life. The first one I worked for Monsanto, in the entomology department, I learned insects aren’t my thing. I loved the job especially the part where I got to travel all over Nebraska and Iowa. The second was with Advance Crop Care, I scouted fields all day every day, I loved it, it was by far my favorite internship. I learned so much from that internship that I can use in my future career and I liked that what I learned in the classroom applied and what I learned in the field applied in the classroom.

My third internship I was with Growmark FS I worked out of Conserv FS in Waterman IL. It was a great experience I met people from all over Illinois, Iowa, the east coast and even Canada. We started the internship off in Bloomington IL,  it was right after school let out for the summer. We met at a hotel where we were introduced to everyone and then went to the headquarters,  and then we learned about how Growmark works and what all goes on. In June we met again, we toured Wrigley field and then a grain elevator. The next day we sat and listen to a few people talk about the company and also did personality tests. The last time we met was in August, we had a big fancy dinner on the first night where the interns got to bring someone from their school and introduce them to everyone. They handed out awards and scholarships. The next day we gave our presentations, that we had been working on all summer. There were a verity of projects that people did,  It was a summer to remember for sure. If you have any interest in the Growmark internship program visit:

where I worked summer 2016


60 interns for Growmark: from the Growmark website


photo credits Marcy Brown

img_2631Hello everyone my name is Shannon Brown, I call Steward, IL home. I am a senior at Western Illinois University in Macomb IL. where I study Ag science with an emphasis in agronomy and a minor in Ag business. I grew up on corn and soybean farm where I am the fourth generation to work and live there. I work alongside my dad every chance I get. I love tractor pulling, which is what I do all summer.  I am a member of Sigma Alpha, which is  a professional agriculture sorority , collegiate FFA, Ag mech club, and collegiate farm bureau.  I  graduate in May 2017. I plan to either be a crop scout or do research with a company after graduating. If you have any questions, feel free to email me at



5 thoughts on “How college and an internship changed my career path

  1. SpencerS

    Goes to show that the future isn’t set in stone. Cannot be afraid to explore new fields because you may find something that you really enjoy. Great post Shannon!

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  2. jennschwerer

    Girl, I feel you! I went from a Medical Science major, to Ag Business. My appreciation for ag has grown so much since I made the switch! Glad you’ve found something you’re passionate about. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  3. maggieprather

    It is crazy how one little experience can change your life forever. I enjoyed reading your article because it shows how you should never be afraid to try new experiences. Growmark has a lot to offer in their internships and it sounds like they left their mark on your life in a beneficial way!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I think your post is incredibly accurate! I had a Sales Internship with Zoetis this past summer, and it helped me confirm that animal health was indeed the path that I would like to take my career. I think everyone should have an internship experience, whether they like the actual position or not.

    Liked by 1 person

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