Building A Safe Future On The Farm

On April 14, 2016 fourth graders from across McDonough County gathered at the 4-H center for The Progressive Agriculture Safety Day. Children with various backgrounds came together to learn how to be safe on the farm. The children  learned:

  • Farm Equipment Safetyfarmsafety
  • Electrical Safety
  • Animal Safety
  • Water/Sun Safety
  • ATV/ Lawn Equipment
  • First Aid
  • Disability Awareness
  • Seat Belt Safety
  • Chemical Safety


At the stations there were speakers that present their information in a simple fun manner. The children played games and got involved while learning valuable information on how to stay safe on the farm. Teaching children while they are young will create safer future for kids on the farm.

The material learned at the Progressive Agriculture Safety Day is not just useful for farm kids. The information learned can be applied at school, with family pets, visiting friends/relatives or at home. By children learning farm safety they can avoid numerous injuries that can be life treating or deadly.

In 2015, Country Financial recorded that 14 people died in Illinois  from farming accidents. They also recorded over 200 farming accident reported across the state as well. Although the numbers are lowering yearly, it is critical to teach safety.

Progressive Agriculture Safety Day is geared towards the children, but is also a great learning experience for all involved. Teachers and helpers learn more about the farm kids in their classes. The Farm Bureau, McDonough District Hospital, and McDonough 4-H provide a wonderful day of  farm fun for all ages.


I got involved with the Progressive Agriculture Safety Day five years ago with Sigma Alpha. Sigma Alpha is the agriculture sorority at Western Illinois University. The women of Sigma Alpha take pride in teaching young people about agriculture. As a group we prepare, help as needed, then participate in clean up for the event.Sigma Alpha helps prepare material and first aid kits that are given to the students to take home.The materials are great for the children to have, but the children can also take it home to share with their parents or siblings.
I am Kasey Meadows and I am an Agriculture Business student at Western Illinois University. I have been actively involved in many agriculture clubs on campus and a kaseyy2member of Sigma Alpha sorority. In my spare time I love to ride horses, run, and read. I will be graduating in May and plan to start a career in agriculture.


4 thoughts on “Building A Safe Future On The Farm

  1. zeeck1

    I think the Farm Safety Day is a great opportunity for kids to learn about agriculture. It is nice when kids can have hands on activities and ask questions regarding agriculture.


  2. rachelhill94

    I am so glad we can be involved in helping with such an important aspect of agriculture most people do not think of. I know of so many farm related accidents that could have been prevented if those involved had been properly taught about farm safety. I think this program is such a valuable investment we make in the youth. I really enjoyed reading such a great article about the event itself!


  3. bngris231

    Farm Safety Day was one of my favorite trips that we took for school when I was younger. I loved going to all the different stations and it was a fun environment. I think it is important for children to attend and learn about agriculture. It’s a good opportunity for those who know very little or nothing about the agricultural industry.


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