Sisters in Agriculture

EA lettersSigma Alpha is a professional agricultural sorority that promotes scholarship, leadership, service, and fellowship among its members. The sorority was founded in 1978 at the Ohio State University by five women who wanted an alternative to the social Greek sorority system. Sigma Alpha became an officially recognized student organization on January 26th, 1978. This was indeed a special day for the five working founders. Sigma Alpha has become a national organization consisting of more than 80 chapters and over 11,000 members have been initiated in Sigma Alpha. Sigma Alpha is growing steadily as others in agriculture are becoming aware of this organization.

sigma alpha spring 2016 photo
” Emeralds & Mums, Boots & Bulls, That’s what makes us Sigma Alpha girls.”

The sorority was named Sigma Alpha for “Sisters in Agriculture.” The sorority’s official colors are emerald and maize, the mascot is the baby bull, the official flower is the yellow chrysanthemum, and the jewel is the emerald. The motto is Cultivating Professional Women in Agriculture.

sigma alpha 2015 initiation
This picture was taken the night my pledge class was initiated into Sigma Alpha. We were official members of the Fall 2015 Class.

At first, I wasn’t excited about most sororities. However, being a farm girl and also an Ag major, I chose to join Sigma Alpha. This Ag sorority enhanced my years at Western Illinois University. With this group, everyone is guaranteed to meet many new friends. Sigma Alpha members are invited to socials with AGR and AGS, which are the two Ag fraternities on campus. Sigma Alpha does a great job getting its members out into the community for volunteer work. Each new member will receive help and advice from a “Mom” and a “Dad.” This is helpful and makes adjustment easier on a bigger campus. At career fairs, one has the opportunity to meet alumni of Sigma Alpha and network for jobs in the Ag Industry. There is a place for everyone to fit in so don’t let the word sorority scare you!

sigma alpha mom dad
My Sigma Alpha “Mom” and “Dad”

I feel fortunate to have become a member of Sigma Alpha. This has allowed me the opportunity to gain new friends who have the same agricultural background as myself. I am an active person and enjoy the many activities. Some of which are: Ag in the Classroom with Farm Bureau, Farm Safety for Kid’s Day, Rush Week, Monthly Sisterhoods, and also Monthly Speakers. The girls I have met in this organization will be friends for life. Good memories are created by being a member in such an organization. The activities are not just social but actually allow me to serve others.


My name is Katie Zeeck, I am currently a junior at Western Illinois University. I am working towards my Bachelor’s degree in Agribusiness. On campus, I am actively involved in Collegiate Farm Bureau, Hoof N Horn, and Sigma Alpha. I graduated from Spoon River College, where I received my associates in Applied Arts and Science. I grew up on a farm in Mason County and during my 4-H years I enjoyed showing cows and pigs at many county fairs.


2 thoughts on “Sisters in Agriculture

  1. ksm121

    Sigma Alpha is such a great organization. It is amazing to see many girls gatheingr together with one passion, AGRICULTURE. Each individual brings an amazing quality to the table. I am proud to be a Sister In Agriculture.


  2. rachelhill94

    This blog is a great representation our Sigma Chapter of Sigma Alpha. It definately gives a realistic view into our sorority’s history and what we currently do as Sisters in Agriculture. I’m so glad I am a part of an organization that has helped me grow, gain leadership skills, and the ability to network within the agriculture industry.


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