Not the usual up bringing in agriculture.

I didn’t start my agriculture journey on the farm. My family has a farm background. My dad grew up with a farm background from running tractors to feeding livestock. They had a very diverse farm. There were all kinds of different animals.

I have had a very different upbringing. I had some knowledge of production agriculture and animals. From my dads side of the family. My dad grew up on farm when he was younger. Then when he was in high school he joined FFA, in his senior year he was president, and he also received his state FFA degree. When I was growing up I had a couple cows and rabbits, but that was all I knew. My journey really didn’t start till I went into high school and joined FFA. I know I wanted to do FFA, because my dad was in it.

When I first started out my freshman year. I knew I wanted to try every contest that they had to offer. After going to the majority of them my first year I realized that I was very interested in the agronomy side of agriculture. After I got out of high school I went off to Spoon River College to further my knowledge in agronomy. I joined P.A.S, livestock judging team, and student government. That’s were I truly began to break out of my shell and get more involved. Then at the end of my first year there I got my state FFA degree, and that was the greatest achievement I got in FFA. In the following year I took a crop science class were I got to learn how to drive a combine and that was the first time I got to experience fall harvest. image

After my journey ended there I transferred to Western Illinois University to major in agronomy. I realized how little I knew about agronomy when I took my first class. I had a very small knowledge compared to what there was. I took integrated pest management class were I learned more about problems in the field, and that when I knew that this is were I wanted to be. I joined the weeds team to get a better understanding of problems in field crops, and how to diagnose the problem.

It doesn’t matter if you grew up on farm or just started your journey in high school like me. If you have a passion for agriculture it doesn’t matter how you started. It’s all about the journey of reaching your goals, and doing the most you can to make a difference. Like T.Roosevelt said, “believe you can and your halfway there”.


  Hello I’m Britney Howarter. I graduated in 2013 from Canton High school. Then I attended Spoon River College were I got an associates in art and science in 2015. Now I’m a junior at Western Illinois University. I will graduate in May 2017 with bachelors in Ag science with a focus in Agronomy.


4 thoughts on “Not the usual up bringing in agriculture.

  1. lauradenisee

    I also didn’t have the usual agriculture background when I came to WIU. It can be very daunting when everyone else has just a bit more knowledge than you in class but never let that get to you! Just like you said it is about the passion you have for this industry and the journey to reaching your goals!


  2. teresablackwell

    Similar to you, I did not have the typical agriculture up bringing, when I came to WIU. My interest in agriculture also, started by joining FFA in high school. I can relate to the feeling of being in class and thinking everyone else has so much more experience than me, but we cannot let that discourage us from pursuing a degree in agriculture. I completely agree that “if you have a passion for agriculture, then it does not matter how you started”. It only matters where you are going.


  3. nakbrown1990

    I knew very little about agriculture when i came to WIU even thought i went to a high school that was based on agricultural sciences. I was a member of FFA by default but i chose to be inactive. There were times i sat in Bernard’s class and had absolutely NO clue of what he was talking about! Sometimes I still dont know what’s going on but i dont let it discourage me


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