Protect The Harvest

I’m not sure about any of you but December is not only one of my favorite months due to Christmas, but also because the Wrangler National Finals Rodeo is going on.  Numerous friends of mine and I join around the TV for ten late nights of watching what I would call one of the greatest sports of all time – Rodeo.  Besides bull riding and bareback broncs, steer wrestling without a doubt is one of my favorite events.  On the first night of the action steer wrestler KC Jones won the round with a time of 3.4 seconds and upon his interview my peers and I noticed one of the sponsors on his shirt called “Protect the Harvest.”  Being an Agriculturalist and livestock enthusiast I was curious as to what just exactly it meant.



There is no question that most people are unaware their rights and potentially the ability to feed their family, is under attack.  Extreme special interests groups whom are very wealthy groups in America have evolved and American farmers, agriculture, animal hunting, and animal exhibitions are at risk.  The result of such groups makes it harder every single day for people like us to continue on with our way of life.  Whether they’re attacking farmers and ranchers, deer hunters, or the youth exhibiting at their country fair, action must be taken to stop these groups.  Protect The Harvest was created to defend and preserve the freedom of American consumers, farmers, ranchers, hunters, outdoor enthusiasts, and animal owners.


Protect the Harvest has three main objectives.


  • Inform America’s consumers, business, and decision makers about threats posed by Animal Rights groups and anti-farming extremists.
  • Protect our freedoms and way of life by creating lasting legal safeguards for farmers, ranchers, hunters, anglers, and animal owners.
  • Respond to the activities of radical groups by opposing their efforts to pass laws or enact regulations that would restrict our rights, limit our freedoms, and hinder our access to safe and affordable food.




Years and years ago my Grandpa and Grandma had an incredible herd of Purebred Simmental cattle (yes old school red and whites) and they showed very competitively around the country while my dad’s family milked cows.  My parents both grew up showing and that is how they met.  Throughout the years they both made names for themselves respectively in the livestock and dairy worlds.  I was raised on a farm and grew up showing all species of livestock and horses.  My love and passion for this industry can be compared to as second to none and there is no doubt in my mind that even someone like me can do their part in preserving what we know.  Without livestock and the industry, I, along with many of my lifelong friends and mentors would not be where they are today.  It is our job to keep agriculture a priority in today’s world and not let it die.


Protect the Harvest serves as an incredible tool to preserving Agriculture and the outdoors.  Not only do they advocate Agriculture but they help stop HSUS and PETA from passing laws and regulations that could harm our industry.  I believe if we can all do our part in educating those removed from the farm and supporting organizations such as Protect the Harvest, our industry will be much stronger and last even longer than those trying to tear it to shreds think.  If we wish to continue feeding our ever growing population and raising our kids on the farm, in a tree stand hunting, or behind the chutes at a rodeo, we must take a stand. A stand for what is right, a stand for what we believe in, and most importantly a stand for Agriculture.  If you happen to be reading this and love and cherish this industry, please take a stand.  Support groups such as protect the harvest, educate the uneducated, stand up to those trying to take our passions away from us and never give up on a lifestyle so rewarding as that of the American farmer and rancher.


For more information visit:


I hope you enjoyed my blog and
will take time to check out Protect The Harvest and Advocate for Agriculture! My name is Morgan Swiecichowski and I am currently studying Ag Business and Animal Science at Western Illinois University.  I 1455016_10153489537665085_700127624_ngrew up on a purebred Simmental Cow/Calf operation in Northeastern Wisconsin and love the livestock industry,
the outdoors, and time spent with family and friends.  I’m absolutely blessed to be a part of this industry and have been extremely fortunate to attend Blackhawk East before my time at Western.  WIU has offered me endless opportunities as a part of the Hoof N’ Horn Club and the Livestock Judging Team and I wouldn’t trade my time here for anything. Thanks again!



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