Record Setting Year for Alpha Tau Chapter of Alpha Gamma Rho Smokin’ Hog

AlphaGammaRhoThe Alpha Tau chapter of Alpha Gamma Rho held its 23rd annual Smokin’ Hog event on October 10th of 2015. We could not have asked for a better day than the day we had. The sun was shining, and the temperature was around seventy degrees. For those of you who don’t know what Smokin’ Hog is, it is our best and the biggest philanthropy on campus. We have a meal during the day, with games for kids and a raffle. Then that night we have a band come play. Every fall the men of Alpha Gamma Rho will start smoking hogs at about 3 p.m. on Friday afternoon. These hogs will be smoked all through the night and will usually be finished around 7 a.m. the next morning, then they are chopped up and soaked in BBQ sauce to make pulled pork. Prior to the event, donations are taken, meal tickets are collected, and t-shirts and koozies are sold. We sell leftover t-shirts and koozies during the event as well, along with a raffle tickets for various items that are donated or built by us. The meal started at 11 a.m. this year and we wrapped things up at 5 p.m.. At this time, the meal will start getting cleaned up and the perimeter fences are set up for the concert that starts at 9 p.m.. This year Jake Dodds was our performer, he and his band were very good entertainers. Each year Alpha Gamma Rho donates the money raised to the McDonough County Vibe Organization. Vibe stands for Volunteers Interested in Benefiting Everyone, last year I know they had a part in bringing back an ag program to Macomb High.

Guest enjoying the nice beautiful day

This year’s Smokin’ Hog raised $21,260. Taking out expenses we donated $13,800, setting a record for the chapter. Our chapter sponsors alone raised almost $15,500, 34 sponsors being corporate donating at least $250, and getting a banner hung with the business name on it. We fed 400 people this year, making our ticket sales come to $3,380. We sold 150 koozies making $310 in koozie sales. We sold over 120 t-shirts, $1,488 worth was sold by our chapter and sold the day of too guest. We also sold $432 worth of t-shirts to the sororities on campus. Smoking seven hogs means we had plenty of pork to go around, even serving 400 guests, so this year we decided to sell little sandwiches during the concert for people to snack on. We only charged one dollar for these sandwiches, but we still bought in $138. We also gave some pulled pork to the WIU Vet’s Club who offered to help us work security during the concert we hold at night. We also made about $50 in raffle tickets. Our total profit came to about $21,260, and we only had about $7,500 worth of expenses. Our expenses included the band, food, koozies, t-shirts, tickets/flyers, the banners we had to get made, and the bill for the meat processing locker.

Some corporate sponsors from the event.

Alpha Gamma Rho’s Smokin’ Hog is the biggest Philanthropy on campus, and we will continue to raise thousands of dollars to be able to donate throughout the years. Vibe awarded us with a plaque, and greatly thanked us for our contributions to the organization here in 2015.

Thank you again for reading my blog post about Alpha Gamma Rho’s 23rd 2014compositeannual Smokin’ Hog philanthropy. My name is Tanner Anderson, and I am currently a senior at Western Illinois University, studying Animal Science. I come from the Dallas City, Illinois, area about 30 miles west of Macomb. I was born and raised on a family farm, and have helped numerous farmers around the area. I am part of Alpha Gamma Rho, Ag Council, and Hoof N’ Horn. Thanks Again!


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