Green Chips + Great Stock = Lasting Memories

{ NAILE }- North American International Livestock Exposition. The largest all-breed, purebred livestock event in the world.

Not only is NAILE the largest livestock event it may be one of the most prestigious livestock shows to win. Walking down the ramp onto the green chips into Freedom Hall is said to be a feeling you cannot describe. In 1974 the livestock show was started and has grown immensely over the years. For 18 days every November in Louisville, KY NAILE is held at the Kentucky Exposition Center and entries are upwards of 30,000.  It is said to welcome around 200,000 visitors and generates around $16.1 million dollars each year.naile2Champion Middleweight Crossbred Barrow shown by: Blake Logan

“Showing on the green chips in Freedom Hall is an experience you cannot describe. The show ring and the people around the ring are something to see. NAILE is by far my favorite show every year,” stated by showman Cal Dewitt.

There are many more things to do then watch livestock shows. There is a large Country Store that is full vendors within the industry that cater to exhibitors. Livestock Judging, National Skill-a-thon Contest, and school tours are educational events that occur during the 18 day event. For two days the Championship Rodeo is held in Freedom hall and attracts visitors nationwide. With the numerous attractions the NAILE is event catered to families and anyone interested in the livestock industry. I encourage anyone that hasn’t been to travel the distance to Louisville and take in the experience. It will truly be something to remember.

naileChampion Charolais Heifer Sarah Lillesand

For more information about this event visit: NAILE


Hi, my name is Taylor Crouch and I am a Senior at Western Illinois University. I am majoring in Ag Science and will be graduating in December. I grew up in Indiana and show livestock and couldn’t imagine anything else. #NeckNation


One thought on “Green Chips + Great Stock = Lasting Memories

  1. kaylariedle

    NAILE sounds like an event that you can get lost in the experience (and the massive building). I might just have to follow your advice and attend next year! Great Post.


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