Fallen Soldiers 5K Run/Walk

Fallen Soldiers 5K Run/Walk

 Photo Credit: Sarah Ritter
Photo Credit: Sarah Ritter

On October 10th, Western Illinois University hosted their 4th Annual Fallen Soldiers 5k Run/Walk. In the last 3 years, of putting on the Fallen Soldiers 5k, the University has raised over 50,000 dollars for the Fallen Soldier’s Scholarship Fund. The Scholarship Fund is in honor of two WIU alumni who were killed in the line of duty, Capt. Derek Dobogai and Lt. Col. Robert Baldwin. The Scholarship Fund helps support veterans and service members that are currently enrolled at Western.

The pre-registration entry fee was $25 per person and the entry fee for the day of was $35 per person. The 4th Annual Fallen Soldiers 5k Run/Walk has raised over 20,000 dollars. Digger Oster whom is a member of the 5K planning committee stated that “this year there were 595 people who entered, which was 86 more than the previous year. There is a great turn out this year and I am happy everyone comes out and supports the event.” WIU students, professors, faculty, along with the local community all came out to support the Fallen Soldiers 5k. The WIU band started the run/walk off by playing The National Anthem to honor Capt. Derek Dobogai, Lt. Col. Robert Baldwin, military families, and all the military members out there. Blowing in the wind were 207 American flags lining the route. The American flags help guide the runners though out the Fallen Soldiers 5K.


Once the runner/walkers crossed the finish line they were all awarded medals for all their hard-work they had accomplished. Water, bananas, granola bars, and chocolate milk were all handed out at the end of the race to help the runners/walkers rehydrate. Prairie Farms donated around 600 half pint chocolate milks. Chocolate milk is great for repairing muscle tissue, while using carbohydrates to restore muscle glycogen. Chocolate milk is the best source of protein and carbohydrates they have available. It was a beautiful day out for the 5k and the runner/walkers enjoyed the event.


This 5k run/walk will continue to help those student who qualify for the scholarship for many years. The Fallen Soldiers Scholarship Program will continue to honor, for years to come, the two men who gave their lives for their country.

Miranda Langen


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