Post Grad Thoughts Got You Sayin’ “I Just Can’t Adult Today?”

With graduation getting closer and closer by the day, upperclassmen everywhere are beginning to feel the pressure. We are torn by trying to make this the best semester yet, and the dream of having a great job right after graduation. Sometimes the intensity of it all just makes us want to go back to bed.

Now, I can’t ease your thoughts by employing you, but I can provide you with some helpful tips and reminders to consider when preparing for post graduation.

First, have a resume. I highly recommend that you have your resume looked over by your local career development center. Western Illinois University’s career development center is located on campus in Memorial Hall 125. They will be able to give you constructive advice to make your resume clean and polished for potential employers. If you have little to no experience to put on your resume, consider volunteering. Not only will this give you something to put on your resume, it can help the community and give you a feeling of satisfaction by putting your hard work into helping others. You could even volunteer for something in your desired career field.

Brand yourself by creating a professional profile with, LinkedIn, or any other social media site. Also, clean up your personal social media accounts. Potential employers will look for you on social media outlets, so don’t ruin your own chances because of one inappropriate post. Sometimes completely deleting your accounts and recreating new profiles is the easiest and most accurate way to ensure only appropriate posts are seen.

Find a professional mentor who would speak on your behalf. Often employers will ask for a letter of recommendation, be sure you are networking with mentors, professors, previous employers, current employers and so on. These relationships could also lead to potential jobs. Network, network, network!

Do something crazy! Get away from your comfort zone and do something that challenges you, and that you have never done before. I know time is precious right now, but having different experiences will help you know what you really like to do, and it will show employers that you are not afraid to try new things.

Be active in job searching. Having a professional profile is a good start. Some other things to consider are attending career fairs, internet search everyday even if it is for only 20 minutes, go to businesses, dressed business professional, and talk with them. Give them your resume and thank them for their time. Be persistent and follow up with every lead.

Finally, don’t be ashamed to settle for less. You are freshly out of college. Although, landing your dream job and making bank freshly out of college is not impossible, it is very unrealistic. For now, settling for less is okay. Just like this degree that you are about to earn didn’t come instantly, dream jobs come with time.

When you’re feeling anxious about post graduation, do one of these tasks. It will not only help prepare you for a career, but you won’t be saying that you didn’t “adult” today!

Congratulations graduates! Best of luck to you in your futures!

Hello everyone! Thank you for reading Western Illinois University’s School of Agriculture blog. My name is Alissa Henley and I am a senior agriculture business student from Tovey, IL. Like many students, I struggle with the thought of life after graduation. I know I am in the right field, I just haven’t found my specialty. I started my journey at Western because I knew I wanted to further my education, but I needed my independence. I never would have thought that I would major in agriculture, let alone be successful at it. I have completed two internships. One of which was with Five Star Coop in Ventura, IA as a crop scout, and my most recent internship with Monsanto in Monmouth, IL with the Technology Development team. I am passionate about crops, advocating for agriculture, and Western Illinois University’s School of Agriculture.

Again, thank you for reading the Western Illinois University Agriculture blog. We appreciate your interest and would love to hear your feedback!


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