Resurrecting the WIU Agronomy Club

President Houston cooking hamburgers and brats.
President Houston cooking hamburgers and brats.

This fall marked the return of the Agronomy Club at Western Illinois University. The club disappeared late last fall and has been brought back to life by a number of students and Dr. Bernards.

With a whole new look to the Agronomy Club, we have our goals set high for the future and intend on growing the club to help students get more exposure to agronomy. The officers decided that in order to get more people to join the club we would need to start being more active and what better way than a cookout with some games.

So far this semester we have had three meetings plus our club cookout/interest meeting on October 14th. Overall, it was a total success since we had students freshmen through seniors show up. At the event we had hamburgers and brats, along with a variety of sides, desserts, pop, and water. In addition to all the great food, we had a couple games of bags and hillbilly golf going on. All of this took place at the WIU livestock center. This get together was not just to have a good time with some friends, it was also to get a feel for size and scope of the club so we can plan a small fundraiser or event in the future where we can put something back into the community.

A couple of members setting up some games.
Agronomy Club members setting up some games.

As for the rest of the year, we have a speaker planned for our next meeting on October 28th and hopefully another late in the semester. There is also a group of members attending an Agronomy Convention in Minneapolis, Minnesota on November 13th-16th. We also have a tour of the Western Grain Marketing elevator near Adair, Il planned for the spring.

The goal of the club is to have people come and speak to give students ideas for their career and take tours to get more exposure in agronomy. In the future we hope to enter contests and attend agronomy conventions. We would love to see more people come out and join the club. Our meetings are in KH226 the second and fourth Wednesday’s of each month at 5pm.

Written by: Dakota Dace

I am currently a senior at WIU majoring in Agricultural Science and minoring in Agricultural Technology Management. I am the current Treasurer of the Agronomy Club and a member of the Collegiate Farm Bureau. I am from Roseville, Illinois and I plan on getting a job in agronomy when I graduate.


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