Jeopardy Night, a New Twist on an Old Tradition


Later this semester on November 11th at 6 pm, Alpha Zeta will be holding a Jeopardy Night at the Livestock Center located north of Macomb, IL on Wigwam Hollow Road.

For those of you who don’t know much about Alpha Zeta, it is an honorary, professional fraternity for students majoring or minoring in agriculture or natural resources. Alpha Zeta is dedicated to excellence in scholarship, leadership, service, as well as integrity. Members are invited to join the fraternity upon completion of their sophomore year and academic standing at the top forty percent within their college or school of agriculture.

While in past years Alpha Zeta has held an annual quiz bowl tournament, this year it will be holding a jeopardy night, covering a wide range of agricultural topics from animal science to horticulture. It is a great opportunity for organizations and friends in the school of agriculture to engage in some competitive fun. Past president and participant, Greg Kirlin says, “the event really brings the school of agriculture together, is a great opportunity to learn facts about WIU, and it pushes students and motivates them to learn more throughout the year.”

A glimpse of sample questions are below, and the first person to comment the correct answer on the blog for each question will receive a prize at the jeopardy night.

  1. Soybeans originated in what country?
  2. Who is the father of the green revolution?
  3. Soil pH is the measure of the amount of what?

All are welcome, whether you would like to participate on a team or just come to watch. The jeopardy night is open to all WIU students, faculty, and the public. There will be plenty of snacks and refreshments as well. Tickets are $10 per team with up to four people per team. If you would like to come on out for a little friendly competition, please contact Gabi Dempsey at to register.


I’m Gabi Dempsey, and I’m currently a junior at WIU majoring in ag business and double minoring in agronomy and communication. I am a member and on the executive board of several student organizations, including Phi Sigma Sigma, Ag Business Club, and Alpha Zeta. This year, I have the amazing opportunity to serve as the president of the Illinois Gamma chapter of Alpha Zeta located at WIU.


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