Internships- Are They for Me?

It’s that time of year again! I’m sure you’ve all heard the word “internship” floating around the Ag Department a lot here lately, and there’s good reasons why.

The 2015 Western Illinois University Agriculture Career Fair was held on October 7th hosting 45 different agricultural companies.  Students had the opportunity to walk around and talk with the different companies in hopes of receiving an interview for a full time position or internship.  You may be thinking, “What is an internship? Why do I want one?” or “What are the benefits of receiving an internship?” There are many answers to these questions and I am here to help!

An internship is a short term position intended to give the student on the job experience with a company.  This allows the student to network with possible future employers, and because this is a temporary position, students can try out a company before making a full commitment.  Internships can be during the fall, spring, or summer semesters, or a combination of those three. Western Illinois University Agriculture offers an internship class that students can take to gain credit hours while they are gaining one of a kind on the job experience. The added bonus is that students can have their internship turn into a full time position when they graduate. I was among several of the Western Illinois Agriculture students to be lucky enough to have their internship turn over into a full time position.

  2015 Monsanto Seed Production Interns

Hopefully this gave you a little more insight into the importance of internships and inspired you to go for one.  The agriculture industry is full of companies that offer something for everyone from agronomy to pharmaceuticals and livestock nutrition all the way to business management.  So, get out there and look into all of the possibilities and don’t be afraid to go outside of your comfort zone. Besides, who would turn down the opportunity to make some extra cash during the summer?!

Be brave. Take risks. Nothing can substitute experience.-Anonymous

My name is Tiffany VanMiddlesworth , I’m from Smithfield, Illinois, and I am a senior at Western Illinois

Tiffany VanMiddlesworth
Tiffany VanMiddlesworth

University. I am majoring in Agricultural Sciences with a focus in Agronomy and Double Minoring in Plant Breeding and Agricultural Economics. I will be graduating in May and then will be moving to Ashton, Illinois to start my full time position with Monsanto.


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