Slow down! It’s Harvest time

On the outskirts of Macomb you’ll notice that local farmers have began to harvest their 2015 crops. The fall is personally my favorite time of year. Most enjoy the football games, pumpkin spice lattes and a change in their wardrobe. For the farmers though, it means early mornings and late nights. Family time and activities are pushed to the side, and the days run together. It’s a way of life and the stakes are high.


You can help though! Slow down on the roads and don’t text and drive. I realize,  you may be late to work or in a hurry to go meet with your friends. But sitting behind a tractor or combine thats traveling 20 MPH will not kill you. However, when you pass them on turns and over hills, it just might. These farmers are often times fathers, grandfathers or brothers and sisters. Do us all a favor and take some precaution on the roads this fall.

Written by: Hank LeVan

I’m currently a senior at Western Illinois University and a member of the livestock judging team. I’m originally from Woodstock, OH and grew up on a diversified livestock operation consisting of show cattle, standardbred racehorses and show pigs. I received my associate degree in science from Black Hawk College where I was a collegiate all-american on the livestock judging team.


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