Annual Farm to Fork fundraiser dinner


The annual SRC Farm Project dinner will be held on September 27th 2015 at the Spoon River College Canton campus.  Spoon River College Agriculture Professor Jeff Bash says, “The dinner is hosted by the agriculture department to raise funds for the PAS organization (Post-Secondary Agriculture Students). We have raised some of the produce on campus for the event.”

Every year guest chefs who happen to be local farmers help prepare the meal with the SRC students and of course the students double as servers for the tables.  This year the guest chefs will be Joe Murphy of Westside Organics and Linda Prescott of Prescott Farms.

Agriculture is important not only to the United States, but to the world.  With birth rates on the rise, we’re faced with the issue of food shortages within the next decade.  We need many more professionals who have a post-secondary education in agriculture to help solve this problem and other natural resource issues.  The PAS (Post-Secondary Agriculture Student Organization) at Spoon River College is an organization that helps college agriculture students develop leadership and career skills with course work and activities held by the organization.

Tickets to this event are $30 and only forty tickets are available to the public and is sold out each year.

Jack Capony is a recent graduate of Spoon River College and is currently learning about agriculture.


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